Are you wondering why you’ve been so much attracted to crystals? Perhaps in your case, you’ve been actively searching and scouring the net for semi-precious stones.

Well, we want to let you know that it is perfectly normal for the mind, body and soul to be attracted to them. To clear all doubt about this, we present you our top 7 reasons that attract you to crystals and semi-precious stones.

1.Protective Qualities: Yes, crystals and stones are very famous for protecting their carriers from all forms of harms and ail. Their positive energy may as well be one of the reasons that so much attract you to them.

2. Healing Qualities: No matter how old you are, being free of visits to the hospitals actually helps a lot. So if you’re wondering why you might have been attracted to crystals and stones in the first place, this might be one of the top reasons on your list. Whether it’s physical or emotional pain, crystals and semi-precious stones like Turquoise radiate the kind of positive energy that place you on the pedestal you so desperately crave to be.

3.Love: You might fight it all you want, but at some point in your life, you might come to realize that we all need love. And, this love doesn’t exactly have to be directed to just other people.

At times, we might need to learn to love ourselves. Crystals and semi-precious stones like Rose Quartz and Citrine are a great way to get there. These crystals capture the mind, body, and soul and provide the love that you so much desire.

4.Good luck: Your search for good luck might as well be one of the reasons that attract you to crystals and semi-precious stones. The positive energy they wield is of course very strong and is known to bring the best of luck. For instance, aventurine is known to bring new streams of opportunities.

5. Money and Success: Are you looking to be successful? Then this might as well be a reason that can so much attract you to stones and crystals. Crystals like Carnelian are known to wield the ability to make you successful in all of your endeavours.

6. Happiness: Money, good luck, and good health are all paths to achieving true happiness. At the core of the reasons why you may be attracted to crystals lay this very important one- your desire for a truly happy life.

7. Positive Energy: Crystals and stones are age-tested carriers of positive energy and frequencies. You might not know it now, but besides all the other reasons, this unexplainable push might be one of the reasons you are so much attracted to stones and semi-precious crystals.

It is very easy to see that the desires of our mind, body and soul are what most attract us to crystals and stones. Perhaps soon, you will realize that there is a stone for whatever it is you’re searching for- and that is only if you look hard enough.