Healing Stones Benefits


This protective stone will boost your self-confidence by stimulating your inner talents, releasing your creativity, and allowing you a greater capacity to think and analyze. As well as relieving tensions and fears, Agate will help you to excel in all aspects. An Agate healing bracelet is optimal for someone who deals with stressful situations that require courage, strength and grounding.


This stone clears the mind of toxic thoughts. It helps to release old pain, replacing it with loving energy. It increases the ability to communicate in relationships, but also as a student or in your career. It helps to overcome slumps at work and getting stuck while studying. Amazonite is an exceptional choice for someone who carries old wounds, but would like to be free of them. Especially, if they have trouble with communications, verbally or in writing.


This stone is the choice for those who are suffering from anxiety.It keeps you calm and makes you happier. It provides psychic protection from others with negative agendas. This stone emits negative ions when worn close to your skin. It supports healthy circulation. Amber healing bracelets are also the perfect choice for anyone who wants to support their career success.


It is believed this healing stone promotes calm and balance. This stone is so powerful that it creates clarity of mind and more serene moods, therefore allowing your inner creativity and knowledge to flow. Amethyst is used for motivation and intuition. It is connected with prosperity and psychic powers, and is a very good cure for those who suffer from insomnia or constant nightmares, as it will stimulate the peace. Amethyst brings peace and tranquility in the home and changes negative energies around us and promotes a more positive calming atmosphere. An amethyst healing bracelet is ideal for those seeking more connection with their own psychic abilities, intuition, or a more calming, centered energy.


It promotes to light up the path to true self-expression. It will help to recognise ambitions, chase them with new energy and vigour. It enhances to be inspired and be inspirational. An Apatite healing bracelet is perfect for someone who wants to set and achieve their goals with passion.


This unique stone is for those who have trouble expressing their feelings and speaking out loud, the Feng Shui benefits of this crystal will help you; by repressing your fears and relieving anxiety, you will form the self-confidence and perseverance to get through tough times. During tests or meditation is a good time to use Aquamarine. It helps to calm and balance physical, mental, and emotional burdens. It promotes compassionate energy to resolve the unfinished. An Aquamarine healing bracelet is perfect for someone dealing with ongoing issues that seem to refuse to be resolved.


It is believed that Aventurine protects the heart, improves creativity and stimulates healing. It is also known as happiness stone and dispels negative energy and encourages to think positive, attracts money and encourages leadership. It is said to help those seeking a new path. It opens wide horizons for you and helps you shape your life and increases physical strength and makes you stronger. It is a safeguard from environmental pollutants and electromagnetic energy. An Aventurine healing bracelet is an excellent choice for someone who has career aspects and must use a computer daily.


Azurite will help you to pursue your heavenly self, to awaken your psychic ability and to recognise spiritual guidance and intuition. It dissolves blocked energy and relieves stress. An azurite healing bracelet is the natural choice for someone who has decided to take the next step in their spiritual journey.


It cleans and amplifies energies for grounding and joy. It helps to alleviate stress, calm the mind, boost memory and balance emotions. It also helps to overcome setbacks, eliminate laziness and increase selftrust. It promotes to connect intellect and emotions for balanced decisions, higher consciousness and spiritual development. A calcite healing bracelet takes the brunt of a setback, an injury, career or relationship problem, it will help to get you back on track.


The energy of the sun enhances self-esteem, creativity and selfexpression. This amazing stones warm energy helps to be hopeful, happy and courageous. Choose a citrine healing bracelet for a happy, hopeful future full of prosperity.


This stone is for those who are seeking the tools to advance in life, as it will enhance perseverance, confidence, creativity, and leadership, allowing you to better analyze. It promotes professional success and a vibrant positive energy that can make an individual successful. It helps in making the right decision and promotes the motivation of the individual to pursue his goals. It guards the wearer from all kinds of negative energies and negative people. It protects the wearer from anger, rage, and enmity of all kinds. It stabilizes energy for inner peace and a clear head. A Chalcedony healing bracelet is the right choice for someone who copes with messy involvements.

Clear Quartz:

This stone is symbol of balance and purity. It gives direct and focus energy with more intensity. It allows access to spirit guides by removing negative energies. It provides clear thinking, better memory and greater awareness. A Clear Quartz healing bracelet is chosen for someone who wants to improve their meditation times, especially if they suffer with a chronic illness.

Dragon Veins Agate:

The stone enhances one’s perceptiveness and provides a balance between one’s physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual states. It helps discern truth, accept circumstances, and is a powerful emotional healer. It boosts the ability and will to manifest one’s life purpose on earth. It blossoms hidden talents to bring natural gifts to the forefront. It improves self-confidence, helps get rid of emotional complexes and promotes intellectual curiosity. It helps to focus true wishes, goals and desires, while improving luck. It protects from disaster and the jealous behaviours of others. A Dragon Veins Agate healing bracelet is an especially ideal option for someone looking to meet a partner, get a promotion or to increase their current love.


This stone is harmonizing, natural energy to purify the mind while enhances unconditional love and friendship. It promotes happiness with relaxed, positive energy to support wealth and success. It helps to bring to life your natural talents and express more self-confidence. Emerald healing bracelets are exceptionally powerful for supporting confidence, talent and love.


It enhances the ability to create and nurture, while keeping your feet on the ground. It activates energy for making progress to improve things. It will help to reveal special talents and individuality. It supports an awakening, especially if lacking motivation. It helps to reconnect with the earth and natural energies. Garnet healing bracelets support practical nurturing, which makes them an ideal gift for mothers and grandmothers.


Hematite is believed to be protective and have a grounding power. Hematite helps in legal situations and improves relationships. Aids with focus in working through problems. Creates a balance between masculine and feminine energies. Helps you manifest your desires and achieve your dreams. It dissolves the negative forces to harmonise the body, mind and spirit. It is effective in treating anxiety. A hematite healing bracelet is a superlative choice for someone working hard to improve their life situation.


Howlite is a wonder stone that can efficiently calms your harried state of mind and your entire body and releases muscle tension. It dispels anger, rudeness and resentment while building positive character traits. It gives you the required energy and stamina to achieve your goals, brings peace and tranquility when you are in a chaotic mess. It fills your home with blessings peace and harmony. A Howlite healing bracelet is the ideal choice for someone coping with stress, especially when that stress is caused by difficult people.


This stone promotes emotional balance, peace and purity. It removes negative energies to promote unconditional love, wisdom, serenity and clarity. It will help you to discover who you really are, while being protected from harm. It heals stitches, assists childbirth and fertility, helps PMS and menopause. Promotes longevity. This stone is the best of luck for prosperity and friendships. A jade healing bracelet is ideal for a pregnant woman, mother or friend.


This amazing stone promotes courage, stability, strength and grounding. It enhances mental power to work through a crisis. It gives courage to deal with discouragement and powerful energy to continue. It helps to avoid danger, sort out confusion, find direction. Jasper healing bracelets help artists and creators, and anyone who needs to get out of a slump.


This stone helps to clarify thoughts, increase energy and seek out higher purpose. It clears aura and protects from harm while connecting to universal energy. It brings light to meditation, stimulating intuition, and raising consciousness. Choose a labradorite healing bracelet to discover your reason for being, and to transform your life.

Lapis Lazuli:

This amazing gemstone harmonizes your heart and mind by forging stronger bonds between them. It is believed that this stone stimulates objectivity, clarity and encourages creativity. It is perfect for bond relationships, aiding in the expression of feelings and emotions. It also boosts the immune system, and purifies the blood, alleviates insomnia and vertigo, and helps to overcome depression. It enhances memory, get more focus and concentration as it quiets a noisy mind. A Lapis healing bracelet is perfect for writers, students, psychologists, managers and executives.


Lava Stone is a grounding stone that sharpens one’s connection to Mother Earth. It gives us strength and courage, allowing us stability through tough times. It offers guidance and understanding in situations where you may need to “bounce back.” It promotes to follow your passion with purpose, power and strength. It helps to survive and thrive in harsh conditions and major life change. A Lava healing bracelet is an excellent accessory for those looking to transform their lives, physically, mentally or spiritually.


The stone, mostly used as a Feng Shui cure for women, will solve many problems that they deal with; period cramps, stress during menopause, and obstacles with fertility. It protects you from negative energy surrounded around you. It helps dealing with emotional burdens and promotes passion in love relationships. This amazing stone is perfect tool to ensure success in business, attracting, and maintaining clients. A Moonstone healing bracelet is also well suited for someone in love, especially if they are travelling or love someone who is far away, permanently or temporarily.


This stone is a mental good luck charm. It helps to release disharmony, especially when you focus on worry about the future. It increases to sense danger accurately, with protection from evil and undue influence from others. Obsidian is the natural choice for those who deal with a lot of people, or are considered overly sensitive.


It is believed that Onyx helps to release the negativity, increases self- confidence and concentration, keeps balance, sharpens your senses, helps to quit addictions, effective in treating anxiety, helps memory, strengthens relationships, used against evil eye, supports the person in every way with its energy. An Onyx healing bracelet is ideal for someone who needs to do public speaking, has a recent loss or must cope with the negative opinions of others. For those who recently got out of a tough relationship and are trying to move on, the Onyx stone is a good Feng Shui remedy to heal your heart. It will also keep negative energy and away from you, keeping your mindset positive and happy.


This stone has creative energies for your true self. It will help to amplify positive energy for focus, ward off unwanted attention. It helps to see the full potential and strengthen motivation to succeed. The opal healing bracelet is a perfect choice for someone working on a creative project.

Red Coral:

It has the properties of vitalizing life energies. It will help the wearer overcome his enemies and adversaries. It energizes an individual and offers him the logical conclusion. It helps in overcoming the delay in your endeavors. It gives courage and helps an individual in overcoming fear and nervousness. It absorbs negative energy to invoke optimism and enthusiasm. It protects from depression, bringing peace and calming emotions. It stimulates the imagination, especially during meditation and visualisations. A Red Coral healing bracelet is the perfect choice for someone who is involved in committee or team work as it hastens knowledge transfer. It is also very useful for people suffering from depression.


Regalite will calm your mind and induce serenity, allowing you to release your anxiety and feel more at peace with your soul. Regalite is a wonderful stone that helps one find inner peace, clarity, love, and compassion. It also works perfectly for emotional healing. It promotes to eliminate the negative energy and balances the aura. It helps you build a perfect diet by empowering your own discipline, as well as increasing your physical energy levels. Regalite healing bracelets support during times of stress, especially if “being taken care of” is lacking.

Rose Quartz:

It is known as a romance stone which promotes infinite peace, forgiveness and unconditional love. It gives compassionate energy that supports harmony by purifying the heart. It reduces tension and stress, helps to be more sensitive towards others. It promotes deep inner healing of self-confidence, self-worth and self-love. A Rose Quartz healing bracelet is ideal as a gift for the one you love, or for yourself if you want to find that special someone.

Sinkiang Turquoise:

This beautiful stone is used by many to attain a sense of peace. Sinkiang Turquoise is also a Feng Shui cure for broken relationships, creating loyalty and hope. Use this stone to improve communication with those around you. It provides precision, clarity and expression to the inner thoughts of its wearer. It protects the wearer from violence and mishaps while also reducing mental stress. It connects whoever wears it with spirituality and assists him/her in making charitable donations and productive expenditure. It strengthens relationships and act as a protective shield for the wearer. It has amazing healing properties and completes your overall physical fitness. It is perfect remedy for anxiety, mood swings and panic attacks. A Sinkiang Turquoise healing bracelet is especially powerful when given as a gift. It is a particularly good choice for anyone who is relocating, travels, makes investments or works with law or the government.


This stone encourages creativity and objectivity while enhances self-esteem and self-trust. It helps to seek truth and stand up for yourself. It brings balance in times of stress, especially if there is a sense of panic based on previous fears. Sodalite healing bracelets are ideal for those who work in a corporate environment.


This lifegiving stone promotes creativity, effervescent energy and inspiration. While it provides strength and clarity, it also increases confidence, leadership and vitality. A sunstone healing bracelet is an exceptional choice for someone in sales or marketing, or any other career where energy, creativity and confidence are vital.

Tiger’s Eye:

It is believed that tiger’s eye protects us against negative intentions, brings luck, helps with clarity and vision, improves creative thinking. Tiger’s eye has strong, courageous energy for confidence, protection and personal power. A Tiger Eye healing bracelet makes an excellent choice for someone who drives at night, or works in the city.


This stone is the protection stone against bad vibes and destructive energy. It helps to conquer fears as you face difficult and challenging situations. Tourmaline is an ideal choice when someone’s life is currently overwhelming and difficult so they need a boost to deal with the crisis.


Turquoise promotes self-realisations and goal achievement with integrity, truth and pride. It gives positive protective energy for creative solutions to difficult problems. It is believed to bring calmness and serenity to your life. It will protect you from negative energy and bad omens. A Turquoise healing bracelet is superb for someone who deals with emotional wounds from the past and current emotional stress.

Important Information;


Every two weeks running water (2 minutes)/ Sun or on Soil (1 hour)

Please note all information given above is a belief also based on experiences and can not be used as a substitute for a professional medical advise.