Measuring your wrist

Measure your wrist with a tape measurements or a strip of paper just below the wrist bone, where you wear your bracelet. If you are using a strip of paper when you are measuring your wrist, mark your size with a pen then use a ruler to measure the length. If you prefer fitted bracelet, when you are ordering your bracelet please order this exact size. If you prefer loser fit then please order one size bigger. Please check our size guide for the conversion from cm to inches.

Centimeters Inches
12cm 4.72in
13cm 5.12in
14cm 5.51in
15cm 5.91in
16cm 6.30in
17cm 6.69in
18cm 7.09in
19cm 7.48in
20cm 7.87in
21cm 8.27in
22cm 8.66in
23cm 9.06in
24cm 9.45in
25cm 9.84in
26cm 10.24in