Charming Healing BraceletsCombining Wellness and Style natural stones,

Accessorize smartly with jewellery that is beautiful and beneficial to both body and soul.  How is this done? When we accentuate with natural stones, our bodies absorb the therapeutic power that emanates from the earth’s core. They are vessels of healing, protection, serenity and motivation. This is the sentiment behind our thoughtful craftsmanship – meaningful pieces to wear yourself or give as gifts.

Bracelets with natural stone are one of the most versatile pieces, as they can be worn solitary or stacked to make a fashion statement. The perfect jewellery set would combine the healing stones with the Infourtinity Collection, which has bracelets and necklaces executed in silver and gold featuring delicately designed angel wings, earth, infinity and chakra symbols.

Healing Stones and Heavenly Signs

When purchasing natural stone jewellery, it is best to consider the zodiac sign of the wearer to achieve the best wellness and beauty results. Let’s walk through some matches for each horoscope sign with divine pieces suggested.


The bold Aries and the uncompromising Aquarius will benefit most from Hematite. Known for protective qualities and grounding, this iron-ore derived stone binds mind, body and spirit giving balance.

Rose Quartz

The Rose Quartz is most suited to sensually creative Taurus and gracious Libra. Associated with the chakra of the heart it brings unconditional love and emotional healing. It can be designed simply but this stone for the emotions is best worn opulently close to the heart.natural stones,


Cancer, Libra and Scorpio are suited to the mystical Moonstone which cultivates awareness and insight. By giving off healing, love and power energies, the Moonstone gives balances these three emotionally-charged signs.  Easily matching most outfits, the moonstone bracelets are must-haves for women.


The Quartz brings out the best in passionate Gemini, striking equilibrium in their innate twin personas.  It brings positivity and clarity whenever worn as an accessory near the chest.


Labradorite, the stone of magic is the natural healing stone for Sagittarius, Scorpio and Leo.  Mainly worn for protection and physical healing, this beautiful feldspar mineral is a surprisingly versatile accessory, with the darker shades particularly befitting men.


For peace and protection, the Amethyst is the perfect companion for the creatives – Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius and Capricorn. It can be set beautifully in hand-crafted bracelets and Healing Stone Necklaces or combined with other natural stones for amplified effect.

Lapis Lazuli

The striking Lapis Lazuli is the special stone for Sagittarius. “The stone of truth” it enhances inner vision and communication, paving the way for the extroverted and visionary traits of this sign. Whether as Charming Healing Bracelets, set with earrings or elegant necklaces– a lapis lazuli creation is bound to increase success and stimulate enlightenment.


Affectionate, wise and artistic Pisces is complemented well by the agate, bringing with them clarity, confidence and ease of communication. It is great to set in silver or gold or strung generously on bracelets for men and women.

Thoughtful Tokens

Give the best gifts whatever the occasion and season. You can never go wrong with aesthetics combined with healing value – all in Healing Stones Bracelets, Necklaces and the Infourtinity Collection – so thoughtfully chosen for the zodiac sign of the wearer.