Angel Cross Infinity Jade Necklace

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This beautifully handmade necklace is perfect for summer wardrobe. Jade is the best of luck for prosperity and friendships.

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Material               925 Sterling Silver Cross Angel, Infinity pendants and diamond shape charmwith zircon stones, high quality thread
Stones                   Red 6 mm Jade natural stone beads

Handmade high quality necklace can be used as double layer, twisted around the neck to have double layer look. The length is 123cm but while it is twisted first layer is 51cm and second long layer is 72cm.

Jade: This stone promotes emotional balance, peace and purity. It removes negative energies to promote unconditional love, wisdom, serenity and clarity. It will help you to discover who you really are, while being protected from harm. It heals stitches, assists childbirth and fertility, helps PMS and menopause. Promotes longevity. This stone is the best of luck for prosperity and friendships. A jade healing bracelet is ideal for a pregnant woman, mother or friend.

Please store your jewellery in their original package in order to avoid scratching. While you are wearing your jewellery please avoid perfume, hairspray and body lotions.