Angelic Star with Amethyst Bracelet

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This stylish bracelet is perfect if you are seeking to create peaceful atmosphere…

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Handmade from natural 12 mm Amethyst stone beads and Hematite barrel bead, 925 Sterling Silver Angel charm and high quality elastic silicone cording. The length of the bracelet is 18 cm.

Amethyst: It is believed this healing stone promotes calm and balance. This stone is so powerful that it creates clarity of mind and more serene moods, therefore allowing your inner creativity and knowledge to flow. Amethyst is used for motivation and intuition. It is connected with prosperity and psychic powers, and is a very good cure for those who suffer from insomnia or constant nightmares, as it will stimulate the peace. Amethyst brings peace and tranquility in the home and changes negative energies around us and promotes a more positive calming atmosphere. An amethyst healing bracelet is ideal for those seeking more connection with their own psychic abilities, intuition, or a more calming, centered energy.

Hematite is believed to be protective and have a grounding power. Hematite helps in legal situations and improves relationships. Aids with focus in working through problems. Creates a balance between masculine and feminine energies. Helps you manifest your desires and achieve your dreams. It dissolves the negative forces to harmonise the body, mind and spirit. It is effective in treating anxiety. A hematite healing bracelet is a superlative choice for someone working hard to improve their life situation.