Aventurine Sun Necklace

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Fall in love with the aventurine with this beautifully handmade necklace with sun pendant. Create unique style in your day and night look!

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This beautifully designed handmade necklace is made from natural faceted 11mm natural navy blue Aventurine stone beads, 4 mm faceted Hematite beads and sun pendant with zircon stones and silver closure.

The length of the necklace is 45 cm with 1 cm extension.

Aventurine is known as prosperity, creativity, independence, career success, calmness and balance stone.

Aventurine: It is believed that Aventurine protects the heart, improves creativity and stimulates healing. It is also known as happiness stone and dispels negative energy and encourages to think positive, attracts money and encourages leadership. It is said to help those seeking a new path. It opens wide horizons for you and helps you shape your life and increases physical strength and makes you stronger. It is a safeguard from environmental pollutants and electromagnetic energy. An Aventurine healing bracelet is an excellent choice for someone who has career aspects and must use a computer daily.