Howlite Bracelet

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Howlite is an amazing bracelet  if you are looking for filling your home with blessings peace and harmony.

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Made from natural 10 mm Howlite beads, 10 mm Polymer clay and brass barrel with zirconia stones and high quality elastic silicone cording. The length of the bracelet is 18 cm.

Howlite is a wonder stone that can efficiently calms your harried state of mind and your entire body and releases muscle tension. It dispels anger, rudeness and resentment while building positive character traits. It gives you the required energy and stamina to achieve your goals, brings peace and tranquility when you are in a chaotic mess. It fills your home with blessings peace and harmony. A Howlite healing bracelet is the ideal choice for someone coping with stress, especially when that stress is caused by difficult people.

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