Infourtinity Necklace Gold

£130.00 £80.00

Earth, infinity, angel wings and chakra symbols… Where it all started on earth and your soul that will continue until to the eternity. The wings are the symbols of Angels expresses the protective energy around you. Chakras are the energy centers of the body.  Chakra is a sanskrit term and represents spinning wheels of energy.

Our unique design creates timelessly-beautiful look with 7 chakras.

Root Chakra                – I exist

Sacral Chakra              – I desire

Solar Plexus Chakra    – I control

Heart Chakra               – I love

Throat Chakra             – I express

Third Eye Chakra        – I am the witness

Crown Chakra             – I am that I am


Material                18 Carat Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver

Length                   43 cm

Length Extension  5 cm