Labradorite Bracelet

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Complete your look with Labradorite Bracelet, feel the difference…

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Made from natural 8 mm Labradorite and stardust Hematite beads, stainless steel barrel bead (Lead, Nickel and Cadmium free) and high quality elastic silicone cording. The length of the bracelet is 21 cm. If you require different size please send an email.

Labradorite: This stone helps to clarify thoughts, increase energy and seek out higher purpose. It clears aura and protects from harm while connecting to universal energy. It brings light to meditation, stimulating intuition, and raising consciousness. Choose a labradorite healing bracelet to discover your reason for being, and to transform your life.

Hematite is believed to be protective and have a grounding power. Hematite helps in legal situations and improves relationships. Aids with focus in working through problems. Creates a balance between masculine and feminine energies. Helps you manifest your desires and achieve your dreams. It dissolves the negative forces to harmonise the body, mind and spirit. It is effective in treating anxiety. A hematite healing bracelet is a superlative choice for someone working hard to improve their life situation.

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