Moonstone with Heart Locket Necklace


This stylish necklace is handmade with love from natural moonstone beads and heart locket just for you. Heart locket is perfect choice to carry the pictures of the ones you love.

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Made from natural 8 mm Moonstone beads and 925 Sterling Silver Heart Locket, high quality stainless steel string.

Moonstone: The stone, mostly used as a Feng Shui cure for women, will solve many problems that they deal with; period cramps, stress during menopause, and obstacles with fertility. It protects you from negative energy surrounded around you. It helps dealing with emotional burdens and promotes passion in love relationships. This amazing stone is perfect tool to ensure success in business, attracting, and maintaining clients. A Moonstone healing bracelet is also well suited for someone in love, especially if they are travelling or love someone who is far away, permanently or temporarily.

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