Stylish Regalite Necklace


There is more than the way it looks! Find your inner peace with this stylish handmade Regalite Necklace. Brilliant support during times of stress.

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Handmade from natural 10 mm Regalite beads, 7 Regalite bars, antique bronze plated hematite nuggets and high quality fishing line. The length of the necklace is 44 cm.

Regalite will calm your mind and induce serenity, allowing you to release your anxiety and feel more at peace with your soul. Regalite is a wonderful stone that helps one find inner peace, clarity, love, and compassion. It also works perfectly for emotional healing. It promotes to eliminate the negative energy and balances the aura. It helps you build a perfect diet by empowering your own discipline, as well as increasing your physical energy levels. Regalite healing bracelets support during times of stress, especially if “being taken care of” is lacking.

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