Tigereye Love Bracelet

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This stylish bracelet is also very powerful protection for the evil eye.  Tigers eye balances emotions which makes this bracelet very popular for couples. It is also known as strength and power stone. If you want to make a change in your life then Tiger’s eye stone is the stone you should go for!

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Handmade from natural 12 mm Tigereye beads, 4 mm faceted Hematite beads, gold plated brass heart charm with zirconia stones, golden brass hexagon with zirconia stones and high-quality elastic cording.

Tiger’s eye: It is believed that tiger’s eye protects us against negative intentions, brings luck, helps with clarity and vision, improves creative thinking. Tiger’s eye has strong, courageous energy for confidence, protection and personal power. A Tiger Eye healing bracelet makes an excellent choice for someone who drives at night or works in the city.