Trendpie Evileye with Emerald Charm


This beautifully handmade Evileye with emerald charm is a perfect gift for your loved ones to show unconditional love and friendship.

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Trendpie Evileye with Emerald charm is beautifully handmade from 18 carat gold plated 925 Sterling Silver and natural 0,33 cm Emerald stone. The length of the charm is 4 cm. This handmade Evileye charm is a limited edition of Lucky Charms collection. Please note that the chain is sold separately.

Evileye is a symbol of protection against negativity.

Emerald stone is harmonising, natural energy to purify the mind while enhances unconditional love and friendship. It promotes happiness with relaxed, positive energy to support wealth and success. It helps to bring to life your natural talents and express more self-confidence. Emerald stone is exceptionally powerful for supporting confidence, talent and love.

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