Turtle Blue Necklace


This handmade blue beaded necklace with turtle charm is perfect choice for summer. It also makes a perfect gift option for turtle lovers.

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It is not just a Turtle Blue Necklace; it symbolizes persistence, and the story of ‘’never give up‘’

A story that we will continue to keep reading to our children and remind ourselves.

A turtle would never leave the race against the odd facts, persistently would try their best until the end of the race. A turtle would never give up on its journey through to lifespan.

This necklace is only for those who need a light-up at determination and persistence.

Turtle Blue Necklace is handmade from blue beads, brass and Turtle pendant with blue zircon stones. The length of the necklace is 37cm, extendable to 43cm.

Turtle is a symbol of strength, longevity, hope, fertility, vitality and great patience; very popular in many cultures. It also represents persistence, continuation of life even against difficult circumstances.