White Onyx Necklace

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Add a fabulous touch to your everyday outfit with this beautifully handmade white Onyx Necklace! Onyx helps to keep your mindset positive and happy!

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Handmade from crystals and onyx. The length of the necklace is 48 cm with extension of 5 cm.

It is believed that Onyx helps to release the negativity, increases self- confidence and concentration, keeps balance, sharpens your senses, helps to quit addictions, effective in treating anxiety, helps memory, strengthens relationships, used against evil eye, supports the person in every way with its energy. An Onyx healing bracelet is ideal for someone who needs to do public speaking, has a recent loss or must cope with the negative opinions of others. For those who recently got out of a tough relationship and are trying to move on, the Onyx stone is a good Feng Shui remedy to heal your heart. It will also keep negative energy and away from you, keeping your mindset positive and happy.