Your Journey Wearing a Healing Bracelet

There are those who may never see beyond the simple beauty of the gemstones. They will never enjoy the mysterious, beautiful journey where healing stones aid in every step. Those who know, and understand, are open to the ability to manifest intentions. They heal themselves physically and emotionally by harnessing the power of a crystal healing bracelet.

It is recommended you wear healing stones in close contact with your skin. This eliminates any barriers to absorption. Energy flows clearly and directly to support your entire being.

These are common choices:

Amethyst opens and activates your third eye to support intuition. This healing bracelet reminds you to trust yourself as you make life decisions.


Aventurine invites prosperity and good luck into your life. Linked with your solar plexus chakra, it calms negative emotions like anger and pain, especially in the lower abdomen.


Turquoise creates connections between heaven and Earth. As the master healer, it promotes high vibration energy flow. Turquoise heals hearts full of chronic stress and old wounds.


Wear a hematite healing bracelet to transform dreams into reality. As hematite touches your skin, feel calm and centered with a feeling of real stability.


Onyx enhances persistence and endurance. Energetically boost your memory, and increase attention to detail. Always wear onyx while you study!


Lava grounds and calms. Lava sheds layers of unnecessary emotional attachments. Historically, soldiers used lava to stay calm in battle.

Wearing a healing bracelet connects you to the Earth with physical, tangible, powerful vibrations. With every intention, healing amplifies. Wear your healing bracelet for life.